“Restoring Me” - My Story part 1

June 14, 2018

From wrecked to restored...Years of depression, alcoholism, and anger had wrecked our marriage and had left me exhausted and wanting out. God met me in an unexpected season at my absolute lowest point. From there He walked me up and out of my own depression and gave me hope. Hope is there for you as well. 

“Satisfied” - My Story part 2

June 14, 2018

How finding satisfaction in God first and God fully changed everything. "It’s not that I had left Jesus – It’s that I was treating him like a social media friend following Him for what I could find interesting and motivational instead of surrendering every corner of my heart, mind, and soul to Him and finding ultimate satisfaction in Him first and Him fully."

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“Satisfied” - My Story part 2

June 12, 2018

How being satisfied in God first and fully changes everything.

Discussion Group Questions:

  1. When we fail to be satisfied in God first and fully it results in spiritual devastation. We are prone to fill the longing of our heart with activities or things that may ease the pain, but ultimately this is self-destructive. How have you seen this in your own life?


  1. Waiting for a situation to change is one of the greatest challenges to being satisfied in God first and fully. True contentment is your friend when the wait is long and the process is slow. Do you think you are now or have before allowed yourself to be satisfied in an activity or person instead of first in God? How so? How did that change (if it has)? How might today’s talk help you change that?


  1. We’re not born naturally satisfied. Paul said that he “learned” to be content. How will you go about “learning” to be content? What are some ways you’ve already grown in this area?


  1. Learn to see in your own life when you’re white knuckling and just surviving and when you’re truly embracing joy and gratitude in trial. What are some signs you could look for? How do you think a trusted friend could help in this area?


Recommended Reading

       Start here:

  • Psalm 90
  • Psalm 19
  • Paul’s Letter to the Philippians

Good books...

  • “Satisfied” by Jeff Manion
  • Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren



…Take Home and Think About It…


  1. Is there an area of sin in your own life you know is keeping you from being satisfied in God first and fully? Not sure? Pray. Ask God to reveal that to you.
  2. Do you need help in an area of sin that has gotten a foothold in your life? You can contact me and we can meet privately for prayer and support. Jennifer@LaMiradaChurch.com
  3. Set aside time to read – really read – the Bible daily. I read 20 minutes in the morning and 20 at night. Not sure where to start? Read a Psalm and a Proverb every day. Get a daily reading Bible.
  4. Consider also listening to the Daily Audio Bible which takes you through the Bible in a year. Get the app or go to the website. Stop listening to vapid music – listen to the Word as you commute, get ready in the morning, or run errands.


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“Restoring Me” - My Story part 1

June 9, 2018

How God restored my hope, my joy, my purpose... My life. Recorded live at the "This is Me Gathering" 2018 #ThisIsMeGathering #DwellingRichly

Hebrews Q&A

April 24, 2018

Hebrews 13:20-25 {Lesson 13/Day 9}

April 22, 2018

Hebrews 13:20-25 {Lesson 13/Day 9} There’s no way to end this study that isn’t filled with a great deal of emotion for me. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever written and most challenging thing I’ve ever taught through. It’s been a powerful experience for many of you as well. If you’ve been with me through the whole of this amazing book and truly embraced the heart and spirit of doing an actual Bible study, then you have been on quite a journey. Our closing day of study is simply this, to read and meditate on the closing prayer from Hebrews 13 and to hear the voice of the author – truly the Holy Spirit – speaking it over you today: #lmccwomen #lamiradachurch #biblestudy #facebooklive www.LaMiradaChurch.com "Now may the God of peace who brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, the great shepherd of the sheep, by the blood of the eternal covenant, equip you with everything good that you may do his will, working in us that which is pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen."

Hebrews 13:17-19 {Lesson 13/Day 8}

April 19, 2018

I’ll be honest, the words “obey” and “submit” from today’s passage make me bristle a bit...ok, a lot. I hear those words and I honestly think two things: “Nope.” I’m a grown up, so the only person I’ll obey or submit to is Jesus. Then I read a verse like this and I re-read it, and I look it up in the Greek and in several translations, I keep coming back to the basic, clear, teaching: You’re in the body of Christ? You obey your leaders and submit to them. Period. The second thing I think is, “Yikes! I’m a leader!” I’m immediately wide-eyed with the reality that in the role the Lord has me, I lead. I teach. I am called to point people faithfully to Jesus. The thought that the church is called to “obey and submit” is an uneasy one for me on these two counts. Proverbs 23:26 comes right to my mind: “My son, give me your heart and let your eyes observe my ways.” As a mom, a teacher, and now a pastor, this verse has been at the heart of my ministries at home and at work. My desire is to reach the heart of my son, my students, and those I lead in ministry but more than that, that I would have ways worthy of observing. That nothing I would do would distract someone from the gospel – that nothing I would do would stumble someone looking to me. I take seriously and with great fear the admonition in James that “not many of you should become teachers...for those who teach will be judged with greater strictness.” Wow and again, Yikes! In this closing exhortation, the author makes an important call not only to his church, but to the church today. There are two qualifiers – First, these are leaders who are teaching a Jesus-centered Word of God. Secondly, those who obey and submit need make it a joyful experience for their leaders. I think we’ve lost this in the church today – especially in the non-denominational, So-Cal, chill-church mindset. We have no room in our theology for anyone else to be in charge except ourselves...well, Jesus sure, but mostly me-myself-and I call the shots. Think about your approach to church life and how you respond to your leaders...do you respect your leaders and submit to their decisions or are you resisting decisions and pouty about changes? Are your personal preferences taking priority over the gospel mission led by the leaders? If you are at a church with leaders who are faithful to the gospel, are you obeying and submitting or dishonoring and resisting? Are you facilitating an environment where your leaders can lead joyfully? Or are your attitudes causing them to grumble and groan under that burden? Wherever your heart is in this, at the very least you can be praying for your leaders today. Take a page from this letter to the Hebrews of the early church and add it to your notebook today. Pray for me as I continue to teach and lead, and pray for one another, that our churches would be ones of biblical obedience and submission.

Hebrews 13:9-16 {Lesson 13/Day 7}

April 18, 2018

Not too long ago a young lady asked me what my church was like. She hadn’t attended church in several years but was thinking that she might go back. “I stopped going because there were so many hypocrites there. What’s your church like?” I could tell that my response really caught her off guard: “We have a ton of those at our church too – you know, hypocrites.” She didn’t quite know what to say and she thought I was joking. I wasn’t...well, I was a little. But I was trying to be a bit provocative so I could help her see that her priorities in church searching were never going to get her what she was looking for. “Our church is full of humans.” I said. “I’m afraid that if you’re looking for a church with no hypocrites, fakes, people with issues or personality problems, you’re going to have to just give up now.” She giggled a little uncomfortably and I added, “What you will find at our church is real people who love Jesus. I’m not sure what they were like before I started attending, but when I arrived, they definitely had a hypocrite attending – me. I’m inconsistent, annoying, self-centered, and hypocritical. I don’t always do the things I ought to do, and I’m even paid to be a teacher of the Bible! What I do have is a love of God and a thankfulness for what God has done for me. I don’t mess around with thoughts that I’m better than anyone else. I’m really probably a lot than others. I’m just so ridiculously thankful that I have a church where I can go and be among people who get that. I’d say, we’re just really real at our church. At least we try to be. Do you still want to come?” I could tell that she was still pretty shocked by my response, so I added: “Here’s how I think about it, church is centered on Jesus and unlike me, he’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. Our church is where you’ll find truth in Jesus – not in people who will eventually let you down. Now, how does that sound?” “That sounds like exactly the sort of church I could get into.” Yep. Me too. I pray that as you conclude today’s study you’re seeing the same priorities. We are here to “continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God.” And what is that praise? It’s the “fruit of lips that acknowledge His name!” We exist to “share what we have” – our money? Our time? Our perfect lives? – no. Christ. We have Christ. If I can bless someone with money and time I’ll thank God for that as well, but above all else, I share the best of what I have and that is Jesus Christ.

Hebrews 13:7-9 {Lesson 13/Day 6}

April 17, 2018

What was the central, visual, focus of the very first temptation and sin? Essentially – food. Satan didn’t hold up a twig and tempt Eve with that. He didn’t wave a leaf in front of her, “Oooooh...don’t you want to try this green waxy leaf?” Nope. Satan pointed to a tantalizing fruit and used that as a way to distract, twist, and cast doubt on God’s perfect word, and like Solomon wisely said, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” The author of Hebrews is all over this temptation by warning us not to be swayed by leaders who teach that we can find strength in ceremonies and their foods. Instead, we must remain faithful and remember what God has already said, “Taste and see that the LORD is good!” Our strength is found in Him, in His grace, in His provision....be satisfied in Him. Anything that distracts us from the never-changing gospel of Jesus Christ is a problem. The author isn’t giving us a list of all the various “diverse and strange teachings” but he’s using the issue of “foods” that apparently had come up to remind us of the priority of grace over the law. While you may not be tempted today to go live under the Old Covenant Laws, are you tempted in other ways to find strength outside the grace of God? Don’t! No matter what you’re dealing with, always be assured of the truth that the grace of God is sufficient. “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”