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No! Mine! That’s Not Fair! || Romans 9:14-10:21

February 18, 2021

Three basic cries of every toddler are "No!", "Mine!" and "That's not fair!" and each one of these sticks with us even when we grow up. The hopeful answer to each is actually found in the gospel, because we wouldn't cry out like this if the answers weren't available of "Yes!" or "Ours!" or "Thank God he's more than fair." God's mercy is greater and we can see that in how He is patient with Israel. 

This "Weekdays in the Word" message is from the Romans: Wild and Redeemed Bible study -- a 14-Lesson verse-by-verse study helping you learn how to study the Bible with Jennifer Richmond and the Dwelling Richly community.


There are 10 days ("Weekdays in the Word") in each Lesson. Jennifer meets you here and teaches the Weekdays in the Word portions going through a day of the lesson together.  Join Jennifer weekdays live or later - Live at 9am or later at a time that works for your schedule. Connect with the Dwelling Richly community on Facebook and get on the email list at​ for the latest info.


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